Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How to open NEF RAW files using Open Source ?

This Post describes how you can process/open your Digital Camera RAW Files using Open Source Application. In Particular this post will show to open NIKON RAW NEF files using Open Source application such UFRAW and GIMP.

The details in this post applies to different Operating System Starting from Linux, Mac and ends with MS-Windows. and Different DSLR manufactures as Nikon, Canon , Pentax.

the steps are simple
a) install GIMP
b) install UFRAW

This is it, now you are able to open your Nikon or Canon RAW NEF files, and you still can edit them using GIMP, applying whatever filters and so on.

1) UFRAW is an Open Source Software that support Many RAW format , in my example it open and process Nikon RAW NEF files. and add a plugin to your GIMP 2.0+ installation that allows you directly open and process Nikon RAW NEF and all using Open Source applications.
UFRAW web page is h3r3
UFRAW download Link is h3r3

The well known Open Source Photo editing software
GIMP could be found h3r3

This Link is from other Open Source Related Blog Geek2live , link is h3r3

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