Friday, 8 May 2009

Camera accessories and Dealers in Egypt

Finding a good photography store to buy Camera or Camera Accessories in Egypt is a kinda of a challenge to me, so I decided to collect the contact details of the stores that sell the following Camera and Photography Accessories in Egypt
1) Nikon Cameras in Egypt
2) Canon Cameras in Egypt
3) Nikon Lenses in Egypt
4) Canon Lenses in Egypt
5) Sigma Lenses in Egypt

List of stores:

1) El King: 15 borg salma roushdy Street, Abdeen, Cairo, Tel: 23925140

2 )El 7ofy: 15 borg salma roushdy Street, Abdeen, Cairo, Tel: 23955245 ( hoa fel door eli ta7teh!)

3) Shams: 5 el batal ahmed abdelaziz from sabry abo alam street- bab el loook Tel: 23929204

4) Lucky Stores: 11 sherif street ,downtown, Tel: 23929136/ 23923697

5) El-Khaled: 19 B Adly street, second floor, appartment number 58, Tel: 23927507

6) El-Akhdar: Tel: 23927852

7) Nikon Official Dealer( Fuji film) : El Haram Street, Tel: 35842378

8) Mo2asaset el Basha for lighting equipment: 26 july street, Tel: 25918535

9) Hensel Egypt lighting equipment (The Agent) New Maddi autstrad street Tel:251609148

10) El Shennawi for Photo 31 Degla St. from Shehab el mohandeseen. Tel : 3369136, 7627136


Mohammad Abou-Basha said...

thanks man for the useful info

Wael Emara said...

Great man i was searching for such info for so long
Thanks again

Eliza Winters said...

Thanks for the great info. I am headed over there or a tour and was worried about forgetting some of my camera accessories but now if that happens I will know where to go. Thanks again!

kareem kyo said...

thanks a lot for the effort ... i want a small favour is there is any sites or facebook pages for those stores !
thanks again :)

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