Saturday, 3 January 2009

How to recognise a fake memory card ?

As fake memory cards do exist today in the marketplace. and we use lots of memory cards in our Digital Camera, Mobile phones,etc...

Determining a Fake Memory Card
Unfortunately there is no software which will test the card, and ensure that it's genuine. You must manually scrutinise your card, (both visually and by testing it's performance), to get some idea of it's genuinity.

Build Quality helps to determine fake memory cards

First thing to look for is poorly printed labels and material; most fake cards have slight differences from the real deal. Most manufacturers have a page where you can download high resolution pictures of their cards. Below is a list of manufacturer image page links:

Example of fake 1GB Sandisk SD Card

This particular card was also missing a notch, making it quite easy to spot:

xample of fake 2GB Sandisk CF Card - courtesy of mpot's Fake SanDisk CF article

Note there is no serial on the bottom of the fake (serial blurred on the real one):

Note the fake box has no hologram:

Fake Sony Pro Duo 2GB

Note the incorrect serial number

Courtesy of Marty Bugs , link is h3r3

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